Apple Applications and ITunes Account without a Credit Card
...this must be done prior to setting up an iTunes account attached to a credit card
Step 1: Select a free app to purchase
Step 2: When method of payment appears, scroll down to none
you can also purchase apps later with the use of an iTunes card


Common Core Standards - View the Common Core Standards in one, convenient place

Speak it Text - Use this application to allow students to have any text read to them
Dragon Dictation - Use this application to turn speech to text
Dragon Search - Use this application to use speech to search the web

Flashcardsplus - Use this application to create flashcards


Ace Kids Math Games - teaches kids how to add and subtract visually
Fraction Basics - animated videos that demonstrate how to understand, add, subtract, multiply, divide and convert fractions, improper fractions, mixed fractions, equivalent fractions
iFractal -
Kids Math Fun
Let's Do Math! - practice addition and subtraction
Math Reference - helpful formulas, figures, tips and examples
Mad Math Lite - flashcard training with reports showing kids where they are still struggling and areas to work on
Mad Minute Math - calculators to use with math homework, including a scientific calculator
Simple Math for Kids - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with learning games
Spincalc- for students with dyscalcula, helps with basic math functions
Quick Graph - high powered graphic calculator
Under Sea Math - learn math visually

Garage Band - use this app to turn your iPad into a collection of touch instruments and a recording studio

Evernote- Use this app to type notes and create files
InClass - students can use this app to create an agenda and notebook for each class including media files
Noteshelf- use this app to handwrite notes using a stylus and create notebooks ($4.99)
PDF Notes- use this app to download,read, and highlight PDF notes

English Idioms Illustrated - this app uses cartoons to explain figures of speech using an historical context
Model Me APP - Social Story app
Proloquo2Go - this app turns your iPad into a full feature augmentative communication system ($189.99)
Tap to Talk - free app that allows you to try to trial using the Ipad for communication pictures to speech
Verbally- app allows student to communicate verbally by typing in words, phrases and sentences

Keynote - apple's presentation app (similar to Power Point $9.99)
Fuze - create presentations and collaborate virtually using this app
iMovie - use this app to create HD movies ($4.99)

Numbers - use this app to create spreadsheets (similar to Excel $9.99)
Pages - use this app to create word documents (similar to word $9.99)
Teacher Pal - use this app to create and manage classes including assignments, attendance, seating charts, and grade books. This app will sync information with your dropbox and allows you to email directly from the app.
Quick Voice Recorder - record ideas, voice memos, voice email, dictation, lists, meetings, classes, or lectures
Dropbox - drag items into your dropbox on your desk top and retrieve them on your iPad

Audible - use this book to access digital audio books
Course Smart - this app requires membership to CourseSmart, and provides access to electronic textbooks
Free Books - use this app to read over 200,000 classic pieces of literature for free
iBooks - use this app to download and read books from the iBookstore...both free and for purchase texts are available. PDFs can also be stored on your iBookshelf. This app provides the ability to highlight, bookmark, look-up words, and print and export notes.
Kindle - this app allows you to download and read free and for purchase texts from Highlighting, bookmarks, and word look up are also features of this ereader. You can access all of your Kindle books on up to five different devices for no additional charge.
Nook - this app allows you to download and read free and for purchase texts from Barnes and Noble. With this ereader, you can share your purchases with another Nook member for 14 days at no charge. You can also access and read texts for free when you are at a Barnes and Noble Store and utilize coupons sent directly to the Nook.
Overdrive - this app allows you to use your RI library card to access audio books and electronic books on you iPad through the library system without fees.
Read Me Stories - this app provides a new interactive children's book everyday
Touchy Books - essentially this app is a children's bookstore for the iPad


Dictionary - a completely searchable dictionary
How Cast - a searchable database of how to videos
TED - a database of presentations
Wikipanion- an app companion for Wikipedia
WolfRam - this app is a search engine that is data based


3D Sun - video of the sun taken by satellite
GoSkyWatch Planetarium - quickly identify and locate stars, planets, and constellations by pointing to the sky
Introducing Planet Earth - reading about Earth for 1st and 2nd graders
Molecules - three-dimensional renderings of molecules that you can manipulate
NASA App - use this app to view images from NASA
Periodic Table - interactive periodic table with links to each element
Science 360 for iPad - The National Science Foundation provides access to science and engineering images and video
Science Glossary Vision Learning - scientific terms and short biographies
Stars- displays the 88 constellations in the sky
Video Science by Science House - 2 to 3 minute videos of science class experiments

Flipboard - use this app to combine all of your social networks apps and photos into a magazine like experience (GREAT APP!!)
Skype - use this app to make virtual phone calls...great for collaborating with remote locations (see page Skype in the Classroom)
Twitter - use this app to follow professional organizations such as ASCD (see page Twitter for teachers)


History Maps - high resolution historical maps
US Geography by Discovery - a guide helps you explore all US geography
World Book - This Day in History

Comic Touch - use this app to create a comic using photos and images
Sonic Pics - use this app to create story using your photo library with recorded sound
Story Kit - use this app to create a story using your photo library and videos, you can also type in a story and draw pictures to accompany
Talking Tom Cat2 - The cat will repeat anything that is stated and it will turn into a recorded story

Skills Tutor - Mobile app for use with (using Safari go to and log in)

SPEECH PATHOLOGY APPS : This is a website that has a collection of apps such as:

  • Speech Coach 3D
  • SLP goal bank
  • i practice verbs
  • wh questions
  • Fluency tracker
  • Disfluency Index
  • I take turns
  • Yes/ no
  • Expressive 1.0 augmentative for Iphone
  • Match 2 Say
  • Articulate
  • Smarty Speech spainish
  • Sunny articulation test
  • Smarty Speech 2
  • r intensive
  • Chronological age calculator

This is a website that has reviewed apps. The person who wrote it has a child with autism and she has gathered some great resources and included pictures and youtube video.

Things on this website:

Hidden Curriculum Kids- Free

Great resource for teaching 'hidden curriculum' got good reviews.

Autism News Feed- $1.99