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The purpose of this Wiki is to explore Web 2.0 resources, tools for 21st Century Learning, Differentiated Instructional Strategies, and Universal Design principles, and then to systematically apply those strategies and resources most closely aligned with the strengths and needs of the school district. After reading Curriculum 21:Essential Education for a Changing World, I found myself presented with new challenges for moving forward curriculum, instruction, and assessment aligned to standards, and equally important, aligned to meet the changing skill set in the 21st century. I am presenting myself with a challenge of researching, piloting, and incorporating those elements of the text that I find essential to students becoming globally competitive and motivated to achieve beyond what is known and expected. After reading Connecting Teachers Students and Standards, I have expanded this site to include strategies and resources for differentiated instruction, universal design, and inclusive teaching strategies. There is a clear connection between the Web 2.0 resources and strategies and using DI and UDL in the classroom to promote student success for all students!

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