ISTE 2011 Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What is ISTE? ISTE is the International Society for Technology in Education

Purpose: This page contains my reflections and what I have taken away from my experience at the conference

June 25, 2011
Today I attended the EDUBlogger 2.0 Unconference. These sessions provided attendees the opportunity to connect with other educators, technology specialists, and administrators through invaluable dialog. Each session was guided by a moderator who began the topic dialog. Each attendee was provided the opportunity to provide input and feedback to successes and challenges related to embedding technology in instructional and leadership practices. For the most part, I found these sessions to be very helpful in providing me with strategies implemented with success in other districts across the country. I have attached my notes from these sessions below. In particular, the Bring Your Own Device session provided great insights into how other districts have been able to successfully tap into the technology students bring to school each and everyday, instead of struggling against it.

MY NOTES FROM EDUBLogger 2.0 Unconference