AzTEA WOW (Way Out West) Conference, May 1, 2010
Birds of a Feather Lunch Conversation: Skype in the ClassroomDr. Peggy George, Facilitator
Huge thanks to Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano (Langwitches) for joining us via Skype to share her enthusiasm for Skype and suggestions for getting started!

Resources to explore further following the WOW Conference (Skype home page to download application) 2.0 LIVE session on Skype with Wes Fryer: Skype for Collaboration with additional links for Skype resources and tutorials) (Skype in Schools Directory wiki created by Dan Froelich-find classrooms to connect with and add your own request) (Skype list of experts willing to Skype into your class/school) (Learning is Messy blog post by Brian Crosby: Collaborative Writing via Google Docs and Skype-a project between his students and Lisa Parisi's 5th grade students) (Lisa Parisi: Best Day Ever-3 Skype calls) (Kim Cofino: Gone Skype'n) (James Sigler: Lessons Learned by my Class Skype Meeting) (Paula Naugle-4th graders in Louisiana and Kansas read the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs together via a Skype video call) (Skype an Author Network) (For some amazing, creative uses for Skype watch the segments on this Oprah show) (Blog post by Neil Stephenson with video clip of his class Skyping with Sheldon Posen, curator at the Canadian Musuem of Civilization.) (Blog post by Kristin Hokanson about taking Skype one step further and streaming the Skype call on to document the experience with her students--a HS student taught her how to do it) (Presentation for K12 Online Conference 2009 by Kim Cofino (Thailand) and Jen Wagner (CA) explaining how they use Skype for global classroom projects) (Wes Fryer's blog post: A Morning of Skype Connections) about several ways he used Skype to connect with educators around the world)

Silvia's Sites:

K12 Online presentation by Silvia Tolisano for getting started with Skype for global connections

Around the World with 80 Schools Impressions (recordings from students about their impressions using Skype) (Skype Connects Classrooms Around the World: Article by Tanya Roscoria in Converge Online Magazine, March 17, 2010) (Silvia Tolisano: Reasons for Skyping in the Classroom)

Blog post about Skype jobs:

Videos and photos from the Around the World with 80 Schools Project:

Posters for skills and literacies used with different web 2.0 projects (this link is for video conferencing)
Video Conferencing- It is not about the Tools...It's about the Skills
(other posters include podcasting, digital storytelling, wikis, blogs, collaboration)

Around the World: Florida-Hawaii video

Around the World: Kansas-Jacksonville video (some soft audio)

Around the World: Arizona-Florida video (Jackie Gerstein's class in Sahuarita, AZ)

Around the World: Florida-East London,South Africa video

Hello from South Africa (created by Silvia Tolisano)

Hawaii (created by Silvia Tolisano)

Swansea, Wales (created by Silvia Tolisano)

Madrid (created by Silvia Tolisano-her trip to Madrid with photos she shared with students-no skype)

Jacksonville, FL with Buenos Aires, Argentina (includes kids singing)

Jacksonville- Kilauea, Kauai, HI

Credits: Dr. Peggy George